The Microbiome Summit

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Learn about the microbiome & the important the role your gut plays in your overall health.

More has been discovered about the microbiome in the last five years than ever before! The realization that we are just as much microbe as we are human has ignited the scientific community to research the role these microbes play within us and our environment, and how they are essential to our health.


Learn from some of the most progressive microbiome researchers today!

The Microbiome Summit presents 21 renowned international researchers discussing how vital the microbiome of our bodies, soil, environment, and planet are, and why understanding and preserving them is crucial to understanding health and disease.

We’re facing big threats to bacterial diversity – and our health shows it! At The Microbiome Summit you will learn how and why:

  • The microbiome is linked to our immune functioning and mental health
  • The microbiome is critical in the first 100 days of life, and shapes the future of a child’s health
  • The microbiome could be a more accurate predictor of certain diseases than genetics
  • Our farming practices are affecting the microbiome in the soil and our food supply – and in turn our own microbiomes.

And so much more!

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Themes Covered in the Microbiome Summit


In the last five years, we have learned more about the microbiome than we ever knew before. We are on the verge of a massive breakthrough in the way that we view our health.


Many discoveries have been made about the impact that our microbiome has on our health. But the way that medicine and food production are practiced have not grown along with it.


Sanitization has obliterated many infectious diseases. But at what cost to our health? Chronic disorders – like depression, autism, allergies, asthma and autoimmune disease – are on the rise.


With all of the new discoveries about the microbiome being made, what can we expect in the future of medicine? What can we do now?


There is only one way forward – to love our microbiome! There are practical ways to nurture our bacteria in today’s day and age.

Our Experts

Our experts are world-renowned and respected scientists, researchers, clinicians and thought leaders that have been selected because of their significant contributions to current research and knowledge of the microbiome.

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