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Learn & Be Inspired

In the last five years, more has been discovered about the microbiome than was ever known before. That’s why our inaugural Town Hall Medicine Summit is devoted to better understanding the microbiome and its important impacts on our daily health.

How does our microbiome change as we age?
How does our microbiome influence our immune system and mental health?
How is the microbiome changing the future of health care?
How can we nourish our microbiome in the modern world?

These are questions that the Town Hall Medicine Microbiome Summit will answer – directly from the researchers doing the research.



What is Town Hall Medicine?


Town Hall Medicine is the result of the partnership between the University of Toronto’s Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy and Genuine Health, who share the common vision that knowledge is power.

We believe that through access to credible science-backed information, you can take steps to live a healthier life. We have secured world-renowned and respected scientists, researchers, clinicians and thought leaders to share their latest research findings directly with you.

Ground breaking research that is unfiltered, proven and direct from the researchers – this is what makes Town Hall Medicine unique.